02 Feb

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To come live with 49 other chickens in our chicken house! We are praying and researching a big step in our community development–we think it’s time to care for chickens and sell the eggs to get food for our families.

As many of you know, previous projects have not gone the way we expected, but we’ve not stopped learning from the parts we cannot control (the drought, the ecomony) and changing the parts we can. We’re still working with our hands and ready to continue.

50 chickens (the traditional kenyan, not hybrid birds) will be difficult to feed, but these birds eat ANYTHING at all, so we expect to be able to spend time finding leftovers for the chickens to eat. We will have a group of women in charge of feeding the chickens and another in charge of selling eggs to the community.

We’ve grown together as a group of widows and grandmothers, and have worked hard together already. We’re excited to see the project get off the ground once sponsorship is secured. The house and 50 chickens will cost around 270 US dollars.

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