Hakuna Njaa Concert a BIG success!!!

25 Sep

Last night was our first ever Hakuna Njaa Benefit Concert at Lovin Cup in Rochester, NY.

The venue’s owners were gracious and helpful–the bands that played were amazingly talented, and we had a fantastic evening.

The concert raised around 1000 USD for Family Focus Foundation. We are so thankful from the bottom of our hearts to EVERYBODY who gave to our cause, and especially to Bob Chandler for his determination, preparation and planning, persuasion of people to come, support throughout the evening and generous donations.

We look forward to the next fundraiser–now we need to decide exactly how to spend the money that people said is for the “biggest need”–that is never easy to do.

Thanks again all who came out to hear great music and support our families!


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3 responses to “Hakuna Njaa Concert a BIG success!!!

  1. blissbait

    September 25, 2009 at 11:25 am

    nice to read happy
    tales of community fine
    all together now!

    Thank You, Congrats!, and Cheers All! 🙂

  2. Robert Chandler

    September 25, 2009 at 11:35 am

    My wonderful friend:
    Thank you for your kind words, but I would like to thank the following people by name for making the event a reality:
    – Becca Nelson (it all began with you and your work speaks for itself. You are a ‘difference-maker’ in the world!)
    – Leslie Zinck (co-owner and heart&soul of Lovin’ Cup; Leslie is the one who really made this event happen. She never hesitated for a second when I merely suggested we do a fund-raiser; she is an angel.)
    – ALL of the owners of Lovin’ Cup (Leslie Zinck; Erik Ward; John Nichols; Bob Zinck; Clay Carpenter). Without their involvement we would never have had the event!
    – The members and featured vocalists of OLD SCHOOL (John Nichols; Bob Zinck; Erik Ward; Willy O’Riley; Will Nichols; Leslie Zinck; Kaitlyn Rosenblum)
    – The generous friends who helped raise a substantial amount of money for Family Focus Foundation!
    – Becca’s wonderful family members, who selflessly donated their time and energy to this event.

    Let’s do this again… and think of other ways to raise much-needed money for this worthy cause. Thank you, Becca, for allowing us all the privilege of playing our roles in the effort. You are the inspiration.

    -Bob Chandler

  3. Jeremy

    September 25, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Amazing!!! 😀


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