Family Focus Foundation was founded under strong Christian values by Mr. Henry Kamau, a longtime servant in compassionate ministries and servant of local children.

Henry’s heart had been burdened for years for the children living in a slum near his own home. AIDS ravaged the Mwiki community, leaving primarily grandmothers to care for the children left behind by their parents.

Henry visited community members and worked with local churches to determine which children were most in need, then started a program to meet their basic needs without taking the kids out of their grandparent’s or other guardians house. Children who are removed from their communities and sent to orphanages graduate at 18 with no place to go. Our dream is to mobilize grandmothers and relatives who can care for children through sustainable projects and support.

The willingness of the churches to volunteer, donate and sustain the program encouraged guardians and single parents to form committees and find ways to support their own small group of needy families.

Henry found support from Becca Nelson, a student at RIT in Rochester, NY, during her stay in Kenya in 2008 and 2009. She raised funds from donors at Grace Church of the Nazarene, and from Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (RIT) to assist in getting the project started.

Today, we continue to strive for family wholeness in Mwiki and Embakasi–two slums outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

Many other donors have been a part of the work, and we offer a special thanks to Access Services at RIT for their continued loving devotion to helping these families to overcome poverty.

Family Focus School was started in 2008. A new building is under construction and we look forward to becoming a place of light in the dark, extremely needy slum of Kware (in Embakasi, Kenya). The students in Kware are mostly orphans and are supported by sponsors.


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