The Need

Children in the Mwiki slums are starving spiritually and physically. Because of the recent political turmoil, AIDS, instability and many other factors, thousands of children have lost both their parents. Children left parentless are normally sent to live with their relatives, or good Samaritans in the community—“guardians” (who often can barely feed their own families but reach out to the helpless).

Most children are able to eat beans and maize daily. No milk, fruit, vegetables or other important nutritious foods are available to such poor families. Some children live with a single grandparent or older relative and become the only family member capable of working and feeding the family. Some do not attend school because their errands and other money-generating tasks keep the family alive.

Children who are taken away from their communities normally receive no inheritance and are cast into a difficult life after graduation at age 18. By caring for children in their own environments, we can strengthen the family and community as a whole.

Please get to know our families by viewing the video below. Thanks!


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