Please check out the list of names on the right sidebar to choose a child to pray for or financially support. We can support kids physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally for 12 USD a month (but 15 works better!)…we can stretch it quite a bit in kenya!

There are many more children who are ready to be helped by FFF but 12 is a good number to start with for now as we continue to grow as a group of believers and as an organization.

Simply click a name to read the profile (short as of now) and see if the child is already sponsored.

Then email to say “I want to sponsor ________!”

One sweet part of sponsorship!
Wanna get to know your own little friend that you sponsor? Our kids get to write letters that we scan in Kenya and send along to their sponsors.

And you can write back in an email or letter too!

Here are the smallest members of our group learning “capital letter A”.



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